Six Ways to release chest tightness(and why we should).

Sometimes our ribcage acts as “the prison to our heart”.

The body always shows us something about our emotional aspects. Is our chest tight due to stress or anxiety or trapped emotions? Many people can’t open their chest properly when breathing so I want to share a few practices that may help us free up that space in ourselves.

Image author unknown

Why would we want to loosen up that part of our body or selves?

Here are a few ways we could explore unlock the tensions in our chest and heart center:

1/ Breathwork:

Cobra pose for opening the chest (and lower back tightness relief)

2/ Yoga Asana:

3/ Pranayama:

Humming bee breathing pranayama — image: Bihar School of Yoga

4/ Mediation:

5/ Prayer:

6/ Coaching:

Holistic Coach. Breathwork, Yoga & Mindfulness Guide. Ex-Google. Community Geek.

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